Sam G. Nieminen has been granted the Finnish honorary title of Kauppaneuvos.

SGN Group’s owner and former CEO Sam G. Nieminen has been granted the Finnish honorary title of Kauppaneuvos 19 th April 2024. Kauppaneuvos title is a public recognition of the work he has done for society.

Sam Nieminen’s life work has been SGN Group Oy. Sam started in the family business in the financial department in 1979 and was appointed as a vice president in 1984.

Sam Nieminen has made SGN Group the company it is today. He has expanded the business during his CEO period 1992-2020 into various industries and made SGN Group an international conglomerate. Sam has created SGN Group’s strong family-oriented and entrepreneurial values, which are strongly reflected in the company’s operations.

Sam Nieminen has also been an active and respected member in various committees , boards and representative boards like the Finnish Commerce Federation, the Association of Finnish Technical Traders and the Confederation of Finnish Industries. In the beginning of 2021 Sam Nieminen started as a board member of the SGN Group board of directors

and as a chairman of the board of the subsidiaries. Sam Nieminen also continues to work actively in various positions of trust.