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Responsible business has always been one of our core values, following the principles of Sven G. Nieminen, the founder of our company. It has carried the company and guided its culture for decades to make the right and sustainable solutions. The principles of our operations laid in the foundation of the company – customer orientation, business continuity and the appreciation of staff – have created a frame of reference for us to develop companies over the years.

We want to offer our staff meaningful work and show that we are the best and most interesting workplace through our responsible operations.
– Ilkka Brander, CEO, SGN Group (until 30.11.2023)


“For us at SGN Group, it is of primary importance that our employees feel well and succeed in their work. Thanks to a wide range of business, we employ professionals from many different fields. Long careers in the Group’s service mean that we offer our staff diverse tasks, the challenges of which also provide an opportunity to develop their skills.

Our goal is to grow in a sustainable way, while also taking care of the well-being and safety of our employees. We are constantly developing the competence of our staff and utilising diverse and flexible working methods, such as teleworking. Employees also have the opportunity to influence working methods and participate in their development. All in all, the Group’s working environment is great. Good employee benefits, skilled and friendly co-workers and modern work-supporting systems make working enjoyable for our employees.”
– Tuire Rasehorn, HR Manager, SGN Group

Tuire Rasehorn

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In 2021, we began to develop a common workplace culture with all our staff. As a result, we are forming jointly agreed ways of working, rules and values according to which we want to act. But in order to start developing the culture – that is, our way of working – we first had to know where we want to go. We first defined the direction for what we do together, after which our culture developers were able to come up with ideas about what kind of workplace we want to be in the future, how we want to change, what we want to preserve and develop from our current culture, and what the jointly agreed operating methods, game rules and values are. The cornerstones of our workplace culture, created together with our staff, are:

Self-management is a shared matter: Feel well, do well.

  • With us, it is ok to take responsibility for your work. We also encourage to our employees to take care of their well-being.
  • We have a good eye for different working methods. We respect each other’s ways of doing things, even if they are different from our own. We trust that another person’s way of doing things is good. Everyone’s work is important!

We renew boldly: Only the curious will find.

  • Courage and curiosity come from us all. When a person has a desire to develop, we encourage them to learn something new.
  • We lower the threshold to ask. It is not disturbing another or underestimating their competence.
  • We encourage trying. We do not judge mistakes. We learn from them together

We plan actions according to the need: We are motivated by customer work.

  • The focus in everything we do is the customer. We keep our customers close and learn from them as well as each other.
  • We share the view of when a customer has been served well and efficiently.
  • We step out of company boundaries and develop a culture focused on encounters. We want to be able to see cooperation opportunities.

Together we are SGN: We succeed as a team.

  • We draw inspiration from tradition, but living in the present is important for success. We recognise what to hold on to, but we also know when to give up outdated habits.
  • We belong together. Although we serve our customers as separate companies, internally we are SGN.
  • We build trust together. Tolerance, openness and friendship come from us all.


“The best thing about my work is its versatility. I am involved in the board discussions as well as supporting business in their concrete business development activities. As a family company, SGN Group offers a unique environment to work together with true industry professionals.”

– Mika Virtanen, Group Development Director, SGN Group Oy

Best thing in my work is all the people I meet.

Lars Palmgren, Managing Director, Team Sportia Ab Ruotsi