The film is based on the book SGN Group – Kasvutarina written by Markku Jalava.

Entrepreneurship, independence and strong brands

A son of a merchant, Sven G. Nieminen founded an import and wholesale business for seeds in 1933. He started the seeds import and export trade even though he did not have any prior experience in farming. As Finnish agriculture was undergoing a period of strong growth after the years of depression, there was a continuing demand for high-quality seeds.

Trading relations with European seed merchants were established as early as the 1930s. A signifi cant part of the Finnish seeds trade was soon conducted through Sven G. Nieminen.

During the war, Sven G. Nieminen served as a Finnish seeds trade agent assigned by the Ministry of Supply; in practice his company assumed responsibility for the supply of agricultural seeds for all Finland. During the reconstruction period, operations focused on the import trade and business activities were expanded to grain processing machinery in the 1950s followed by gardening machinery and recreation products in the 1960s. In the 1970s the product range expanded further by industrial equipment and components.

A strong trust in partners and extensive cooperation networks helped Sven G. Nieminen create new businesses. A generation change was experienced in the 1980s when Sam G. Nieminen, son of Sven G. Nieminen, joined the business and eventually assumed leadership.

An entrepreneur-based sales network was established in the 1980s to support the operations of new business areas – the import of farming machinery. Significant reforms were carried out during the recession of 1990s which enabled new growth for the company. Operations in the neighbouring Baltic States and Russia were started in the mid-1990s.

The sports products shop launched in 2006 was a natural step for the SGN Group looking for new domains.

With growth, the facilities started to become too cramped. The SGN Group entered a new era when the new head office in Vantaa was completed in 2008, along with a new logistics
centre, repair shop for service operations, and seed production facilities.

In the past few years, the growing market areas of the SGN Group have been, in particular, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belorussia. In 2010´s SGN Group has acquired new businesses and opened webshops.

Milestones in the SGN History

1933 S.G. Nieminen Oy was established.
1938 S.G. Nieminen acquires distribution for Ginge machinery.
1950 The import of Damas seed and grain processing machinery was started.
1963 Sumeko Oy was established.
1965 The import of Kawasaki motorcycles began, expansion into recreation products.
1970 The import of Spraying Systems nozzles began.
1983 The auxiliary trade name ‘SGN-tekniikka’ was adopted for operations responsible for the import of technology.
1986 Agritek Oy acquires distribution for New Holland tractors.
1991 Sumeko Oy acquires distribution for Tohatsu.
1992 Agritek Oy acquires distribution for New Holland tractors.
1997 Sumeko Oy acquires distribution for Arctic Cat and Derbi.
2000 S.G. Nieminen Oy acquires the business of Tuko Gardenia. The seeds, garden and forest machines and Derbi sales departments move to Kerava.
2001 The distribution for Case IH tractors was transferred to Agritek Oy.
2003 OOO Sumeko, a subsidiary of Sumeko Oy, was established in St. Petersburg.
2004 Sumeko Oy acquired the Piaggio, Gilera and Vespa scooter and motorcycle business.
2006 SGN Group acquires the Sportia wholesale business.
2008 SGN Group’s new office building
2008  Truebell Finland Oy’s business operations transferred to SGN Group.
2010 OOO Motopride, retail shop of recreational products, was opened in St. Petersburg.
2010 Fertiliser business to S.G. Nieminen Oy.
2011 Representation of Aprilia motor bikes and mopeds to SGN Motors.
2011 A sales company was founded in Almaty Kazakhstan.
2011 OOO Sumeko office was founded in Moscow
2012 SGN Group’s first online shop to be launched
2013 Kessu Oy’s business operations transferred to SGN Group.
2014 SGN Group acquired a majority stake of the Swedish Team Sportia Ab
2015 Business operations of Sports Group Finland transferred to SGN Group